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- A1060 ALFANO 6 2T: the integrated GPS antenna (latest generation) picks up 3 groups of satellite systems. (GALILEO EU, European high precision satellite navigation, NAVSTAR US, GLONASS RU, total +/- 35 satellites), Bluetooth 4.0, lithium-ion battery capacity 3000 mA.

Alfano presents its new data acquisition system Alfano 6 2T. A concentrate of technology and reliability at the service of the amateur to professional driver. From design to production, the Alfano 6 2T has been designed for ease of use that will surprise you.

Alfano 6 2T Features:

Alfano 6 2T is equipped with 3 GPS systems (unique in the sector): American GPS system - Russian Glonass system - European Galileo system, for a precision of lap times, speed and trajectory never reached before.

Database with 2,527 circuits in memory.

With its 268 x 128 pixel display, you can monitor all information in a readable way.

The display has a backlight with 3 adjustable brightness levels, an ambient light sensor and 6 different colours.

To facilitate the legibility of acquired data such as lap and split times, temperatures, speed, number of races, you can choose up to 5 race screens (1 by default and 4 to customize as you wish).

Alfano 6 2T is equipped with 6 individually configurable LEDs, with the possibility to choose the colour and activation values. You can choose to activate the LEDs for speed change, temperature alarm or best time/intermediate. In addition, with the 2 individually configurable LEDs, you can set an activation value for water, floor or drain.

Alfano 6 2T is equipped with Bluetooth for data download or firmware update with our APP or PC.

Alfano 6 2T is able to indicate the gear input via the speed sensor.

Alfano 6 2T is equipped with an integrated rechargeable long-lasting lithium battery

Compatible with Pro3 Evo sensors.

Delivered with :
- A4510 cable for USB charger type A, (Attention: this cable is not suitable for data downloads).
- A1600 RPM sensor.

- EGT Sensor

- M10 Water Sensor

- Alfano 2t Patch Cable