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CESAL4 is an OMP fire extinguishers family homologated FIA 8865-2015

It’s a very compact and ultralight fire extinguisher system, electrically activated, suitable for saloon cars. The system is homologated FIA 8865-2015 . One single bottle made in anodized aluminum. The extinguisher can turn off the fire in few seconds injecting 2 different fire-extinguishing medium. AFFF (Black side) to protect the engine bay and the clean agent NOVEC1230 (Green side) to protect the cockpit.

The system gets pressurized when activated enabling the discharge of the extinguishant. 3 black nozzles are for the engine bay in order to protect the most critical and dangerous parts depending on the type of vehicle, 2 green nozzles are for the cockpit to ensure the driver front and rear protection. Fixing brackets, clamps, tubing and connections are included.

Homologation: FIA 8865-2015 complying with latest updates (June 2017)