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SIZE - 43cmx25cm 

EM-01 model places itself in the middle of the EM-Technology range in terms of size. Its use is recommended for single speed categories in spring, summer and autumn. As for the KZ categories, it can be used at any time of the year at hobby level. Otherwise, the EM-02 model should be used during the summer.
Its structure is protruding from the radiator core, creating an edge along its perimeter which works as an air conveyor. The edge also works as a support for the handle of the curtain, preventing damage to the radiator core when the driver raises or lowers it.
Both the top and bottom tanks of the radiator feature angled shape, which allows to increase the surface exposed to air and, thus, its cooling capacity. The design of the tanks also avoids the creation of pockets of hot water, that can affect the overall cooling efficiency.
Another notable feature is the water outlet fitting designed to be parallel to the ground and to prevent the silicone hose from rubbing against the curbs. A solution that also improves the water flow characteristics.