SKF Engine Crankshaft Bearing

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Karting innovation by SKF Racing: a special roller bearing derived from the bearings tested in GP engines, specifically designed as a crankshaft main bearing for kart engines. Infact this bearing is a direct replacement for the 6205, C4 class bearings used in most shifter 125 cc engines available on the market (dimensions 25 x 52 x 15 mm), having mounting tolerances designed in such a way that once installed it has the same radial play.

The BC1 bearing is not a stock roller 6205 bearing but a special unit that, thanks to a special design of the rollers, races and innovative split inner ring, is specifically made for the kind of working conditions that happen in a modern racing 2 stroke engine. There are multiple advantages resulting from this design, including:

  • at least 2 times more load carrying capacity
  • bearing life extended from 2 up to 3 times respect the ball bearings normally used
  • higher stiffness
  • reduced friction

and in some cases the consequent better mechanical efficiency leads to a measurable performance improvement.