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Our TPP-196R-CADET engine was developed to offer a very user friendly and reliable engine for the Cadet Karting categories (aged 7-12 years old). The combination of the engine and carburetor offer fantastic throttle response and bottom end torque, which in turn makes the engine extremely driveable throughout the power band. The engine offers 7.5 Hp, the optimum level for the cadet age category. Similar speed to an IAME Micro Swift for half the cost and 10x the reliability.

Engine designed for use with T4 cadet Tillotson chassis



Engine includes carburetor, air filter and Exhaust. Excludes engine mount and clutch

Features Include:

Tillotson Racing camshaft for max lift
Tillotson Carburetor
Electronic Ignition
Easy pull start
Stainless steel push rods